Why is Coca-Cola so bad for you? What does it do to your body exactly?

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So you think Coca Cola is bad for you?  Well just the fact that you are asking that question means you are aware that Coke probably isn’t the best thing for you.

Coca-Cola per say is not worse than any other type of cola, like Pepsi, or generic branded cola.  It’s also not that much worse than root beer, or other candy like soft drinks.  I say it’s like candy because colas are full of sugar.  The reality is, they are all pretty bad for you.  Diet colas are also not very good for you due to their Aspartame content although they are probably better than regular colas.

I’ll begin with diet soft drinks.  Aspartame is the common ingredient in all fake sugar, Equal, NutraSweet, Spoonful, etc….  For the most part Aspartame isn’t going to hurt you if you have the occasional diet soft drink.  However people have had some pretty scary symptoms after drinking Aspartame such as: seizures, breathing difficulties, memory loss, nausea, headaches, and a host of other symptoms.   Aspartame can trigger some chronic illnesses as well like: brain tumors, Parkinson’s, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, and Epilepsy.   I won’t get into too much detail on why Aspartame is damaging, but basically Aspartame can build up calcium in certain neurons on your brain, making if difficult for your brain to send messages to various parts of your body via these neurons.  The neurons die due to over stimulation.

All that and it was just diet colas, now lets move on to regular colas.  Sugar is a significant ingredient that will harm you.  Massive amounts of sugar in anything will cause bodily harm.  Aside from bringing on Diabetes, excess amounts of sugar will increase your body weight, which makes your body work harder just to function daily.  This added stress is hard on most of your organs.

Colas also contain ethylene glycol, which is used in anti-freeze.   Ethylene glycol is a slow poison, it won’t kill you if you have it in small quantities but it will kill you in large quantities.  That doesn’t mean the small quantities are totally harmless however, your body has to work hard to protect itself from various poisons, and these battles often leave scars.  The more scars on any given organ, the weaker it is and the less likely it is to function in old age.

The last major reason cola’s are bad for you is the extremely high acidity.  The pH for colas is around 3.4, strong enough to dissolve teeth and bones.  The acid is also due to high mineral contents, and guys, high mineral intake can lead to, *gulp*, kidney stones.  Not to mention that the high acid level is the main cause of tooth decay.  That’s right it’s not the sugar in coke that will cause cavities it’s the high acidity.

There is also a secret ingredient, although I doubt it’s significantly harmful, it’s called Merchandise 7X

Here’s a couple links to opposing view points on if you should drink Coke:
For drinking Coke
Against drinking Coke

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6 Responses to “Why is Coca-Cola so bad for you? What does it do to your body exactly?”
  1. Shayne stanley says:

    I drink a minimum of 3 cans a day. Today I have drunk 5 cans & 1.5l bottle. I wonder how much damage I’ve caused. Last night my tooth just disintegrated as I touched it. My partner always mentions my health & teeth and would be interested in a full examination to find out what I’ve done but I won’t lol reading the answer will not stop me drinking it for now 🙂

  2. Derek says:

    I love coca cola I think that it is really good, and I drink it about 4 times a week so if it is so bad then I should be dead by now. I am still going to continue to drink Coke until it hurts me. Soda taste good I do not care if it is bad for you.

  3. john says:

    forget pepsi, drink water

  4. SM says:

    Oh c’mon, Coca Cola has been around for over 100 years, if it was so bad for your health, like producing cancer, that would have happened to many peoples over the decades. The truth is that many generations have consumed Coca Cola and no major issue has happened. It’s not like the current food additives that are used today, they are not tested in time, and we will know the real effect on the human body only after another few decades. Coca Cola is a product tested in time. Personally, when I need a quick boost of energy, I drink a cola, it’s great for this. Of course that when you stay with your ass on the chair and drink cola you get fat, but if you are doing something that is physical work, running, walking great distances and you have skipped a meal and feel with no battery, drinking a cola will sure boost immediately your energy levels.

    • CM says:

      I’ve been drinking Coca Cola since I was five years old about 1947, and I’m still here. My Mom let me drink it in MODERATION and certainly NOT every day. When I was a teen, I stopped at the soda fountain about once per week and had a drink with friends. In the 80’s, I started hearing bad things about coke, so I mixed it with milk and continue to do so. I HATE the diet cola and HATE high fructose corn syrup as THAT leads to obesity. I order our coke from another area that still uses good old sugar. When I was a kid, my Mom always kept coca-cola syrup on hand for nausea and vomiting, and it was the ONLY thing that worked. HA…now in my old age…LOL…I mainly drink water, milk, fruit juice and a cup of coffee or tea each day. About once a week, I still have my “treat”…and “old fashioned” coke. I believe the key is MODERATION. Coke is a treat..NOT a food.

  5. jasper says:

    forget coke drink pepsi

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