Why does your eye twitch?

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Most eye twitching is harmless, although it can be quite annoying.  The twitch is the involuntary spasms of tiny muscles around the eye, and it is usually brought on after staring at a computer screen for a long time, although just being tired will do it too.  Other less common causes include too much caffeine or other stimulants, or other poor visibility conditions.  The best solution to a twitching eye is to rest it, keep your eye closed, take a nap, or you can put a warm or cold compress on the eye.

If you eye is twitching consistently and there is seemingly no reasonable cause, the twitches could be a symptom of another physical or psychological ailment.   Excessive stress, neurological damage, or even epilepsy can cause consistent eye twitching.  In other words if your eye is twitching often and you are not always starting at a computer screen, you should visit your doctor.

Some people experience a twitch in their eyelids, this is called a blepharospasm.  It can involve one or both of the eyelids, and is generally caused by stress.  Another suspected cause if a lack of lubrication on the eyeball from the tear ducts.  While these will often go away on their own you can try using eye-drops to add some lubrication.

There is also the much more serious hemifacial spasm in which one side of a persons’ face may experience twitching, this can affect speech and make it quite difficult to eat and drink.  This problem is usually caused by inflamed nerves and is treated by an opthlamologist.

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