Who invented the telephone?

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Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876. The first words he spoke on his telephone were, “Watson, come here. I need you.” Watson was his assistant’s name.

That happened in 1875-76. However Antonio Meucci had a working telephone since 1848 in Havana and a perfected model by 1871. On that year Meucci filed for and obtained a patent(caveat #3335) for the telephone. To say that Bell invented the telephone is erroneous. Meucci invented it. The unfortunate thing about Meucci is that he did not renew the caveat 3335 for lack of money. Had he renwed it, Bell would not have been granted a patent. Bell knowing the facts applied and was granted a patent. Bell is not the inventor. He simply commercialized what had been invented by Meucci and made a fortune whereas Meucci died poor and destitute..

Alexander Graham Bell got a patent for the telephone. Reisling in Germany had a patent, but wasn’t able to make it actually work. Bell actually used his plans and made something that almost worked. There are numerous other claims and Bell’s patent request arrived in the Patent office mere hours before another claim arrived.

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