Who discovered that you can get milk from a cow, and what was he doing at the time?

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I’m sure many people discovered that you can get milk from a cow.  Many people have probably discovered that rats give milk too.  The question is why did someone decide to taste cow milk.  Cows are large dumb animals that won’t fight us while we steal mass amounts of a nutritious sustenance.

Humans will do a great many things to survive, and tens of thousands of years ago it was a lot tougher to survive.  Why not drink the milk of another animal to survive, early man used to break the bones of dead animals in order to suck out the bone marrow, that’s way grosser.

The short answer to your question would then be, many people discovered that you can get milk from a cow, and they were probably all dying at the time.

It also seems there are people who believe drinking milk is ultimately bad for your health.  While it is healthy for infants, it can lead to all sorts of problems in adults.  I guess we’re beyond needing to depend on another animals milk.  If you love to drink milk, don’t go to this web page:

If you’ve ever wondered how to milk a cow, here’s how:

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