Where is Hadrians Wall, who built it,and when?

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Hadrian’s Wall was built somewhere around 122AD.  It was a wall to mark the northernmost boundary of Roman Britain.  It is named Hadrian’s Wall for its creator, although I doubt he did much actual work on the wall, Emperor Hadrian.  The wall was about 117 km long and has forts other strong points along it.  Hadrian’s Wall was not meant to be defended like a castle. Instead it was a barrier that allowed Roman soldiers to control the movements of people coming into or leaving Roman Britain. This allowed the Roman army to make sure that troublemakers could not move easily either north or south.  It runs roughly from Wallsend on the river Tyne in the east, to Bowness-on-Solway in the west, pretty much across the centre of Britain, at the shortest east west point of course.  Sounds like Emperor Hadrian did not like to welcome immigrants to his empire.



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