Where does the Swampy Cree language originate?

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This is a very specific question so to answer it I’ll have to start out quite general.  As you know North America was inhabited by Native Americans long before European men came over seas.  They had a wide array of languages, one of which was called Algonquin.  Algonquin was only one language of many in the Native American language tree.  Algonquin can be further grouped into sub-languages such as Blackfoot, Cheyenne, and of course Cree.  Cree it itself can be broken down into further sub categories.  There are seven different types of Cree, two of which were Eastern Swampy Cree and Western Swampy Cree.  Swampy Cree was primarily spoken in Manitoba and Western Ontario, Canada.

Swampy Cree is just one of many languages that were native to this land long before European settlers came to this continent.  Since some of these languages date back to about 10,000 BC it is difficult to pinpoint one specific languages origin.

If you wish to know more about indigenous languages of the Americas check this link out.

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