When is St. Valentines day?

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I’ll give a brief explanation of why we celebrate St. Valentine’s Day before I answer your question.  Valentine lived in 3rd Century Rome.  Emperor Claudius was ruler at the time and he expected there to be many volunteers for his army.  When there wasn’t he took steps that he though would increase the volunteers.  He decided to not allow marriages.  His thinking was that if the men had no wives to care for they would be more inclined to want to be in the army.  Of course this did not work out as well as he hoped.

Valentine was a priest, and as we all know, one of his duties was to marry people.  In an act of rebellion against an unjust law, Valentine continued to marry people secretly.  Once Claudius found out he arrested Valentine and sentenced him to death.  Many people were outraged and came to visit Valentine while he was waiting in prison.  One of the people who supported him in jail was the daughter of a prison guard.  She would sit with him for hours up until the day he was executed.  On the day Valentine was supposed to die, he left this young woman a note thanking her for her kindness, and he signed it “love from your valentine.”  The date of this execution, and the date of this note, or the first ever valentine, was February 14th 269AD.  We celebrate this day every year by giving our own notes to loved ones.

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