When did ‘history’ start?

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The definition of history as defined by Oxford is:

noun (pl. histories) 1 the study of past events. 2 the past considered as a whole. 3 the past events connected with someone or something. 4 a continuous record of past events or trends.

There is no specification that history is restricted to humans, or the planet Earth.  Since history then must include all things and all time, history began in the same second existence began.

Humans have been discovering this history for quite a while.  Many scientists strive to figure out how the Earth was formed, how our race became what it is today, even how the universe itself was formed, this is all history now.

Humans have even been recording certain parts of history for a very long time.  The first instance of recorded history comes from cave drawings.  These drawings would often tell a story, a true story and this is history.  The earliest cave drawings we know of are about forty thousand years old, but that doesn’t mean there are older historical cave drawings somewhere else, or lost forever.

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