What will happen when we have a pole reversal on earth?

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Scientists currently believe we are going through a pole reversal right now.  It will probably take thousands of years to complete, although it is also quite unpredictable.  The Earth’s magnetic field is a result of the Earth’s outer core , which is in a liquid state.  Occasionally the poles reverse, the last one is figured to have been about 750,000 thousand years ago.  Sometimes the fields may stay the same for very long stretches, up to 37 million years, sometimes as little as 20,000 years.  Scientists figure the magnetic field has decreased 6% in the last century.

If a reversal is upon us it will be detrimental to the survival of most life on the planet, humans will have a very tough time.  The magnetic fields block cosmic rays from outer space from hitting the surface, and us.  These rays would not have a positive effect on us in that they would kill us.  Almost as upsetting the auroras would not exist, as they are the result of the cosmic rays interacting with the particles in the upper atmosphere.

As far as what man can do to prepare for the pole reversal there is really only one thing we can conceivably do.  If we can protect certain areas with some kind of shield, or create an underground city we may be able to live through the pole reversal.  Our intelligence is our only hope at survival of such a drastic change to our world, God help us.

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