What makes a baby go to sleep when she or he is tired and cranky?

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I find that my baby sleeps better when she goes for a car ride, or has a long bath with a nice baby massage using lotions or oils. I then wrap her in a warm blanket after drying her off.

Babies are happier when they are breast fed but bottle feeding is okay to if the bottle is warm. I find this works for a colicky baby as well to calm them down. Newborns especially love to be held close when they are unhappy lots of cuddling is important for them to feel secure. Walking them and rocking also is important for their well being.

If your baby is unhappy  the worst thing you can do is be cranky and tired as well. Having a good disposition with your child is important because they will pick up on your anxiety and not cooperate with you. They will get more frustrated and upset.

You can also take your baby for a long stroller ride or if she isnt heavy, a long walk with her cuddled in your arms would be sufficient. Babies get cold when they are new and need heat just as old people do. Thats why its important to swaddle them when they are little. To keep their hands and feet warm. Love your baby!

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