What Made the Craters on the Moon?

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The short answer is asteroids, not the ones you think of when you think of movies such as Armageddon, or Deep Impact, but asteroids nonetheless.   Of course this leads to many other questions, primarily why doesn’t the Earth have huge craters too?  Well the short answer to that one is we do have craters, of course not as many because most objects in space that are on a collision course with Earth burn up in our atmosphere.  The moon has no such protection so it gets hit often.  There other reason you don’t notice craters on Earth is we have things such as erosion, wind and water can quickly erase all signs of an asteroid collision.  The moon of course does not have anything to erase its scars.  When you look at a crater you could be looking at something a billion years old.  Luckily for us the moon has not been hit by anything too large, if it had been it would have been destroyed or potentially throw off into the cosmos, or worse still it could have been driven into the Earth.

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