What is the significance of Easter?

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Easter is the day in which Christianity recognizes and celebrates the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. In the King James Version of the Bible, it is used in Acts 12:4, but the original Greek word is “pascha”, meaning “passover”. Easter gradually became recognized as the day that Christianity celebrates Jesus’ resurrection, but the word really doesn’t occur in the New Testament in its original language.

But the day is no less meaningful. Jesus Christ is God Himself, manifested in flesh through an immaculate conception in Mary. He knew Who He was and what His purpose was: to offer Himself a sinless sacrifice which would atone for the sins of mankind. After the Passover in approximately 30 A.D., Jesus was betrayed and crucified by the Romans, then He was buried in another man’s tomb. Three days later He rose from the dead and was seen of numerous people for a span of 40 days.

If there was no resurrection, we would have no hope of salvation. It is not so much the word “Easter” that holds the significance, but it is what that day celebrates: that Jesus is alive, glorified and has sent forth His own Spirit to be poured out on anyone who will believe the Gospel and obey the plan of salvation which was ordained and bound on earth and in heaven by the apostles that Jesus commissioned to tell this wonderful news to the then-known world.

Easter is the pivotal day upon which hinged man’s redemption from sin and eternal salvation. The true church of the living God has been purchased by His own blood. The significance is eternal and cannot be understated.  His own blood. The significance is eternal and cannot be understated.

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  1. I think this was beautifully written.

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