What happend to many Japanese Americans during WWll?

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Most of the Japanese living in America were put into interment camps after Pearl Harbor.  While these internment camps weren’t the greatest places to live, they were not nearly as bad as the concentration camps in Germany.  The Americans, and I should also say the Canadians and a couple other countries, didn’t want to slaughter the Japanese, they wanted them out of the way, in case any of them were spies.

110,000 Japanese immigrants and Japanese-Americans ended up in these camps, almost 11,000 Germans were put into similar camps as well.  In 1988 the US government officially apologized to the Japanese families that were put into these camps.  The Japanese from these camps who were still living were given twenty thousand dollars each.   This twenty thousand dollars is only a token of some of the wealth the Japanese were stripped of when they were interned.  The homes and wealth that were taken from the Japanese were not given back.


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