What does an earwig do to you? Can an earwig climb in your ear and damage it?

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An earwig is a bug like any other bug, except this bug has giant pincers on its butt that can hurt you like an old lady pinching your check as hard as she can; it’s not painful enough to make you flee in terror, but it’s painful enough to cause you annoyance.

An earwig will not go into your ear and lay its eggs which will then eat your brain, nor will it do anything else in your ear or brain except pinch you as it is desperately trying you get out of the little hole that you call your ear.  What I mean to say is that the worst thing an earwig can do to you is pinch you with its pinchers.  It will not attempt to get into your ear, but if it does manage to get there somehow it may give you a quick pinch before falling out, it does not want to be in your ear.  They will typically only pinch you if you’re going out of your way to impede them.

The term earwig (really an earwig is of the insect order Dermaptera) was given to the bug because people used to believe that earwigs actually did go into your ear and lay eggs.  You however now know there is nothing to fear from our ugly friends, the earwigs.

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3 Responses to “What does an earwig do to you? Can an earwig climb in your ear and damage it?”
  1. Anonymous says:

    An earwig has gone into my ear before 🙁 while I was sleeping it even woke me up and I just thought maybe water got into my ear so I just stuck my finger in…then it wouldn’t go away and it even started hurting! I was so scared. So I woke my husband up crying and said there’s something in my ear ( not knowing what it was at the time) and he jumped real fast outta bed and poured water in my ear…and the earwig floated out..and he got it out and threw it in the ground stepped on it and even burned it and all while doing so he said take that for hurting my wife…

  2. summer says:

    i was so scared becuase i heard that the earwig would go in your ear to make you deph or def

    • DutchessPDX says:

      Don’t worry about earwigs making you “deph or def” I would worry about the one that’s already eaten your brain.

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