How can one person have two different color eyes?

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There are actually many different ways for a person to have different eye colors.  The easiest way is to buy one colored contact lens, how would you know?  Fortunately for these fakers there are many causes of heterochromia, which of course means one iris is a different color from the other iris.  There are also partial heterochromia or sectoral heterochromia, in which the eyes have different colors in them in sections or all mixed up.


The condition usually happens due to uneven melanin content.  Melanin is the pigment in the eye, blue eyes have no melanin, and brown eyes have the most.  Melanin is basically protection from the sun brought on by exposure to the sun.  Babies who are born with blue eyes can have them change color after a short while from exposure to the sun.

The three main causes of heterochromia are: genetics, Waardenburg syndrome, and blunt force trauma.

  • Genetics is the study of the gene and the gene is what gives us our specific features.  Genes are like blueprints of us.  We inherit our genes from our parents, and of course their parents etc…, this is called heredity.  Having different eye colors is just one possible oddity that results when our genes do their thing, one of the better ones most likely.
  • Waardenburg syndrome is a genetic disorder, it is the most common genetic disorder to cause heterochromia.  Waardenburg affects pigment in hair, eyes, skin, it can also cause hearing loss.
  • Blunt force trauma can cause also strange things; in this case it causes the same strange thing.  David Bowie is the most popular case of heterochromia.  He was hit in the face in a fight around twelve.  One of Bowie’s eyes is permanently dilated.  Trauma will cause more or less melanin to enter the damaged eye; this will darken or lighten the eye.

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