What’s a ‘spin doctor’?


A ‘spin doctor’ is a term commonly used in reference to politicians.  The New York Times first used the term in during Ronald Reagan’s re-election campaign.  The idea behind the term stems from baseball, at least the spin part of the term derives from baseball.  Pitchers put spin on the ball, different spins make the […]

Where did the sports term rookie come from?


rook·ie/ˈro͝okē/ Noun: A new recruit. A member of an athletic team in his or her first full season in that sport.   Although the term rookie can be in reference to anyone in a new position it is largely used today in reference to a new player in any given league.  Its origins are from […]

Where does the term “berserk” come from?


ber·serk/bərˈzərk/ Adjective: (of a person or animal) Out of control with anger or excitement; wild or frenzied: “after she left him, he went berserk“. (of a mechanical device or system) Operating in a wild or erratic way; out of control.   The term berserk comes from the Old Norse word, berserkr, which means ‘a wild […]

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