I have asked this question several times, but here it goes again. I am looking for any factual information on Dr. Thomas Burton, Fort Kent Alberta and prior to him in 1756, the commune, its occupants and William Blake.


While I don’t remember this particular question being asked, I do remember a question about the Wendigo. Apparently William Blake was the leader of a commune of some kind around 1756.  A local farmer was killed by what seemed to be a bear and the folks of Fort Kent Alberta blamed the members of the commune.  […]

What is a Wendigo?


The Wendigo is a creature of Native American folklore, specifically the Algonquin speaking tribes of North America.  Algernon Blackwood popularized the creature in his book The Wendigo.  The original legend dates back to the 17th century.  Natives believed that the creature was a giant (rumored to be over fifteen feet tall) with a heart of […]

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