Does the water in a bath or sink go a different way down the drain depending on which hemispere you are in?

Water spiraling down a drain

Yes the water will drain in different directions depending on which hemisphere you’re in.   Usually this question is asked about toilet flushing, but I guess it’s still fun to answer even though you’re more interested in baths and sinks draining. Water will drain in different directions depending on the hemisphere due to the Coriolis force, […]

Why do the earth’s oceans appear blue from the moon?


The earth’s oceans and sky both appear blue to everyone who observes them. They do this because water absorbs blue light less strongly than it absorbs other colors. When ocean water is exposed to sunlight (white light), it absorbs most of the red light quickly and a good fraction of the green light. But the […]

Why is it important to drink water?


It keeps skin looking great. If your skin looks tired and unhealthy, so do you. Staying properly hydrated removes all the toxins that build up in you skin, and helps prevent it from drying out. If you have the opposite problem; puffy bloated skin, lack of water is likely your problem too. When skin doesn’t […]

Why do wet clothes dry slower on a humid day?

wet clothes

When clothes or other wet items dry that are losing their moisture. That moisture has to go somewhere.  In the case of drying clothes the moisture evaporates into the air. The molecules of air that touch the clothes make bonds with the molecules of water. The air then lifts the water away tiny piece by […]

How much water can I drink per day and it not be harmful?


It is actually possible to become intoxicated due to excess water drinking.  Discovered by recovering alcoholics in a treatment centre, drinking over fifteen liters in a couple hours can make you feel like you’re drunk. On average your kidneys can process about fifteen liters of water in one day.  Four gallons is just a little […]

Is There a Difference Between Distilled Water and Demineralized Water?


Distilled water is water that has been boiled off and recollected from steam.  The result of this process is that the water is stripped of all its impurities.  These impurities are minerals that were dissolved in the water. Since distilled water is demineralized, there is often confused between what distilled water is and what demineralized […]

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