Is vinegar good for heartburn?


Heartburn can be caused by a number of things.  Most commonly heartburn is caused by over activity in the stomach, specifically too much acid. Another common cause of heartburn is Acid Reflux.  While too much acid is a result of poor eating habits, such as an excess of acidic food, over eating, or just eating […]

Is it unhealthy to drink a jar of pickle juice?


Pickle juice is made up primarily of salt and vinegar.  Neither of these two things are healthy in large quantities and neither can we live without them.  Salt is essential to our systems to maintain proper hydration levels, and while vinegar may not be itself important to us, acid in general is necessary to digest […]

What is White Vinegar Made From?


Most commercially available white vinegars are made from a 5% acetic acid solution, which is derived from grains, and mixed with water.  It can also be manufactured by oxidizing a distilled alcohol. There are several other types of vinegars such as: Apple Cider Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar, Beer Vinegar, Cane Vinegar, Coconut Vinegar, Date Vinegar, East Asian black […]

Why Does an Eggshell Dissolve in Vinegar?


Vinegar will dissolve an eggshell, but leave the membrane intact, which means you can remove the eggshell but leave the egg intact, and yes I’m referring to a raw egg!  The reason for this effect is due to the acetic acid in the vinegar.  The egg shell is made up of calcium carbonate, the acetic […]

Is Vinegar Good for You?


Vinegar is good for you in small amounts, but it can be harmful in large amounts.  Vinegar is very acidic, this acid can provide some benefits.  Vinegar will clean your internal systems to some degree by killing potentially harmful bacteria.  Now we do need some bacteria to stay healthy so too much vinegar can also […]

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