Who invented the television?


Philo Farnsworth was just a fourteen year old high school student when he came up with the idea that an electron beam could scan pictures back and forth and transmit them to remote screens- in other words, he thought up TV! While such an amazing invention could not be the work of one man alone, […]

What is the difference between Plasma TV and an LCD TV?


The physical appearance is deceiving when it comes to LCD and Plasma TV they are both thin and flat but they employ different technology with the main objective to deliver the same result; to entertain; A Plasma TV is made from a loosely flourescent bulb and the display consists of cells. Inside the cell there […]

Why did Tom Cruise have a South Park Episode yanked?


South Park is a cartoon television show in which four young boys experience very ridiculous aspects of life.  The show satirizes various things: religions, musicians, moral questions like euthanasia, and many other, and often highly controversial situations. Tom Cruise has decided that aliens have invaded his body and he needs help to rid himself of […]

How many minutes per hour of advertising appear in television shows?


It depends on the country. In the 1960s a typical hour-long American show would run for 51 minutes excluding advertisements. Today, a similar program would only be 42 minutes long; a typical 30-minute block of time now includes 22 minutes of programming with 6 minutes of national advertising and 2 minutes of local. The same […]

When did ‘Friends’ first appear on television? Who was in the origional cast? And, what were their names on the show?


The popular television show Friends ran from 1994 to 2004.  The main six characters and the actors that portrayed them stayed the same for the entire duration of the series.  Some significant things happened to the group, Ross was married a few times, Chandler and Monica got married to each other, Joey had many sexual encounters, Phoebe […]

Are Bert and Ernie really gay?


Bert and Ernie are puppets.  Puppets typically do not have sexual organs, and if they were designed with them, they are non-working organs.  They are also not alive, I know they seem alive when they are walking around and talking, but that’s some guy controlling the inanimate objects that are Bert and Ernie. The characters […]

What happened between Dave Letterman and Oprah Winfrey ?


The ”misunderstanding” between  Oprah Winfrey and David Letterman is over,  Winfrey  appeared on Letterman’s show on December 4, 2005 ! Late Show host David Letterman made the announcment last week  that  Winfrey’s appearance would coincide with opening night of her Broadway musical “The Color Purple”. “What a big night that is going to be — not only for us, not only for […]

Where does the song ‘Believe it or not’ appear?


Many of us remember a show called ‘The Greatest American Hero’ in which a regular man finds an alien suit that gives him super powers.  Of course like anyone else would, he becomes a super hero, one that has difficulty flying, and even greater difficulty landing. The show had an equally popular theme song entitle […]

Do any special measures need to be taken if you mount a television over a gas log fireplace?


I would suggest not using the fireplace if you mount your TV above it. It does depend on the type of TV but any electronic device is going to have trouble in extreme heat and cold, new TVs like plasmas and LCDs can have trouble in the cold anyway. The heat from your fireplace may cause […]

Is the show Fear Factor actually true? Do they eat all those bugs?


Yes they eat all those bugs on Fear Factor, you can tell because they actually eat the bugs on the show.  Making something that looks like a bug, but is made of something else would be harder than finding people to eat them in the first place.  People will do anything to be on TV, even […]

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