How is sunlight both harmful and beneficial?


Sunlight provides virtually all the energy in our world. Without it, plants wouldn’t grow and we wouldn’t have food or daylight. We wouldn’t even have fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum because those were formed from vegetation that itself derived energy from the sun. However, sunlight also contains ultraviolet light, which can damage chemicals […]

How many days would it take the earth to travel around the sun if it traveled at the speed that the moon revolves around the earth?


It takes twenty-eight days for the moon to travel around the earth.  To calculate the speed the moon travels we must figure out what distance the moon travels in those 28 days, or the circumference of the circle the moon travels.  The formula to calculate the circumference of a circle is Pi(d) (the moon does […]

What is the source of heat?


We get the majority of our heat from the sun.  The next largest source is the core of the Earth itself.  Then there’s a billion way tie for the third biggest source of heat. Heat itself is the motion of atoms, molecules and other particles.  The faster it’s moving the hotter it is.  Think of […]

How long does it take for light from the sun to reach the Earth?


Light travels at a speed of 1.08 billion kilometers an hour, or 18 million kilometers a minute. The sun is on average 150 million kilometers  away.  This is only an average as the Earth’s rotation in elliptical, it is closer to the sun at certain times of the year and farther away at other times of the […]

Why Has the Sun Not Burned Out Over Millions of Years?


Interestingly enough it is burning out, but not just over millions of years, but billions of years.  Our sun is almost 5 billion years old and in another 5 billion years it will burn out.  A sun forms when a massive amount of matter collects, similar in the way planets form, but a sun, or star, collects […]

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