How did the booster rockets on the Space Shuttle come back to Earth safely?


The fuel in the booster rockets is used up by the time the rocket reaches a height of 45 kilometers. At this height (or shortly thereafter) the booster rockets separate from the craft and start moving towards the earth.  This release happens before the rocket and craft have broken free from the Earth’s gravitational pull, […]

What is a supernova?


A stars life is measured in segments, our star (the sun) is about 5 billion years old, and has another 5 billion years or so.  Our sun is said to be in its main sequence, it is hot enough to turn hydrogen into helium, which creates a great deal of energy, the same energy we […]

How many years away are we from being able to colonize another planet?

life_on_mars (1)

We are not close to being able to colonize another planet. Mars is the best candidate in our solar system, and it is so hostile that we would still be better off on Earth even after an all out nuclear war. The atmosphere contains almost no oxygen and is so thin that you can’t survive […]

How many space shuttle flights have been launched since the inception of the U.S. Space Shuttle Program?


More than 120 space shuttle flights have been launched since the inception of the U.S. Space Shuttle Program, starting in 1981 with STS-1. All subsequent lanches were labelled “STS” followed by a dash and a number, and in some cases an additional letter (i.e. STS-61B). The most recent launch, STS-128, landed on September 11, 2009. […]

Where can you see pegasus?


Pegasus is a northern hemisphere constellation. That means you can see it from North America, Europe, Asia, and few other places. As the Earth spins the stars shift so where it is located in the sky is always going to be different, depending on both the time of day and the time of the year. […]

Are UFO’s and aliens real?


UFO’s (Unidentified Flying Objects) are very real.  If I see something moving across the sky, and I don’t know what it is, it is a UFO to me.  Whether it is a UFO to everyone on the planet is another story.  If is were the case that no one could identify the flying object I […]

If there are stars in space why is it still dark?


The question you are asking here has been asked by many in the past.  If there are that many stars in the sky, why don’t they provide light while we’re on the dark side of the planet?  This question as most famously asked by astronomer Heinrich Olber, who made a couple of assumptions when addressing […]

What Good is the Moon?


The moon’s gravity actually pulls on the oceans and changes the tides, which helps us out quite a bit in various areas.  More importantly by far the Moon is one of a few factors that has managed to keep the Earth livable.  You see most moons are tiny rocks circling their planets; they are too […]

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