My regular period lasts for 5 days, this month it only lasted 2 days can that mean I am pregnant?


While you can have your period while being pregnant, the fact that you’re having a shorter period is not necessarily an indication that you are pregnant.  You should certainly have a pregnancy test to find out for sure, but I wouldn’t jump to conclusions just yet as there are many other reasons your period may be […]

Can you color your hair while pregnant?


Coloring your hair while pregnant in itself is perfectly harmless to you or an unborn child.  The problem arises from the chemicals you may breathe in while the process of dying your hair takes place.  If you can’t smoke you shouldn’t be breathing in chemicals is my bet. How seriously should you take that?  We […]

Can you get your ears pierced while pregnant?


There is no medical reason for you to not be able to get your ears pierced while you’re pregnant.  If they get infected I would take them out as that may cause you to be even more tired, and irritated, that you already are sure to be while pregnant. Getting your navel pierced is not a […]

Is there a way to feel your tummy and tell if you’re pregnant in the first month?


No there is no way to simply feel around for a baby, at least not early in the pregnancy. You can get a test from a drug store that are reasonably accurate. Or you could visit your doctor. There are also many reasons for missing your period, or having it come late. If you’ve recently […]

At how many months pregnant do women typically start feeling morning sickness?


Morning sickness does not occur with all women, you may be one of the lucky ones that never gets it.  If you do get it it’s due to a sudden increase I hormones.  It’s also a bit misleading that it’s called morning sickness as it can occur at any time of the day. Morning sickness […]

My period just finished and I had sex but the condom broke…Can I get pregnant?


Yes you most certainly can get pregnant.  Sperm lives for a fairly long time and you could still have an egg kicking around even though you just finished your period.  One of the reasons condoms are only 99% safe is because they could break.  While your odds may be low on getting pregnant, it is […]

Can a pregnant woman with a lumbar (lower back) tattoo be refused an epidural by their anesthesiologist?


It is possible for a pregnant woman with a lower back tattoo to be refused an epidural, but becoming increasingly unlikely.  If you have a concern, you should definately speak with your doctor. There has been research conducted regarding women with lower back tattoos and possible interference with neuraxial analgesia and anesthesia.  Findings have shown […]

Can a woman who is forty still have children if they are still having their period?

Profile of a baby belly.

While it is possible for a woman to have a child if they have not yet reached menopause, the age of forty is a risky time to be considering children.  You may also be in the early stages of menopause and not yet realize it, a doctor will be able to confirm or deny that. […]

Can you get pregnant while on your period?


Sperm has the ability to live for quite a long time once it is inside the human body (upwards of five days).   While your body is not looking to get pregnant while you are on your period, the sperm may kick around long enough to get you pregnant anyway. So yes you can get pregnant […]

I’ve had worse cramps than ever before but pregnancy tests come back negative?


The first thing I’ll mention is that pregnancy tests are not always accurate, they are very accurate, but maybe you’re one of the few that had an inaccurate test, it does happen.  Wait a month and if you don’t get your period, get more tests done. If it turns out you’re not pregnant the severe […]

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