Does the water in a bath or sink go a different way down the drain depending on which hemispere you are in?

Water spiraling down a drain

Yes the water will drain in different directions depending on which hemisphere you’re in.   Usually this question is asked about toilet flushing, but I guess it’s still fun to answer even though you’re more interested in baths and sinks draining. Water will drain in different directions depending on the hemisphere due to the Coriolis force, […]

As you drink an ice-cold beverage on a warm day, the outside of the glass or bottle becomes wet. Why?


Water forms on the outside of a cool glass on a hot day due to condensation.  The air around us has water in it; the water is in a gaseous form, commonly called water vapor.  Typically, the hotter the day is the more water is evaporated into the air. When you have a glass with […]

What is infrared light?


Infrared, visible, and ultraviolet light are all electromagnetic waves. However these waves differ in both their wavelengths (the distances between adjacent maximums in their electric fields) and in their frequencies (the number of electric field maximums that pass by a specific point in space each second). Infrared light has longer wavelengths and lower frequencies than […]

How do submarines sink if they have air inside?


The net force on the submarine depends on its average density, not on the density of one of its constituents. If the average density of the submarine is less than that of water, it will float upward in water. If the average density of the submarine is more than that of water, it will sink […]

When running in the rain, would you get wet faster if the rain were falling diagonally or straight down?


Mythbusters did a segment in which they compared walking in the rain to running in the rain; it turns out that you would get wetter by running in the rain.  They’d probably be interested in doing this experiment as well, but since they haven’t I guess I’ll have to take my best guess at this. […]

How can I lower my center of gravity?


A centre of gravity is the point in an object in which all the weight is equally affected by gravity.  For example if you have a one foot squared piece of wood and you lift one end of it, you can only feel part of the weight of the wood, the other half is still resting […]

What makes the colors in the rainbow?


A rainbow is made up of seven colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.  These however are just the colors that we can see.  The spectrum of light includes a much broader range of wavelengths, including infrared, ultraviolet, x-ray, and even radio waves, the rainbow is just a small part of the light […]

How does ice-skating work?


The weight of the body acting on the small area of the skate in contact with ice exerts a pressure sufficient to melt the ice. The water formed lubricates the skate and causes a low coefficient of friction. As the skate moves forward, the pressure is reduced and the water refreezes. Leaning on one side will […]

What is a superconductor?


A superconductor has no electrical resistance and no interior magnetic field in a superconductor (the Meissner effect), which is usually a characteristic if certain materials at low temperatures.  When a current flows through wires it loses energy. In a superconductor, the current does not lose any voltage. So currents can flow around loops without stopping. […]

How many days would it take the earth to travel around the sun if it traveled at the speed that the moon revolves around the earth?


It takes twenty-eight days for the moon to travel around the earth.  To calculate the speed the moon travels we must figure out what distance the moon travels in those 28 days, or the circumference of the circle the moon travels.  The formula to calculate the circumference of a circle is Pi(d) (the moon does […]

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