Why do cats purr?

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Purring is a form of feline communication that usually signifies contentment.  Generally, a purring cat is a happy cat.  However, this is not always the case.  Sometimes a cat may purr when it is feeling anxious or even in pain.  Maybe the purring acts as some kind of comforter in these circumstances. Purring first occurs […]

Why do dogs howl?


Many people believe that dogs howl due to sound hurting their ears.  This is not true.  Dogs howl as a pack-response to another ‘howl’.  This other ‘howl’ could be your finest singing, some music playing on the radio or even a police siren.  This pack instinct, to howl dates back to their wolf ancestors.  Wolves […]

Why is it bad luck if a black cat crosses my path?

black cat

I’ve always found it interesting that the cat has gone from being worshipped by ancient Egyptians, to being the cause of bad luck.  I could understand if cats of any color were considered bad luck for crossing my path, gray cats have tripped me enough times.  There is more to this superstition than the occasional […]

My dog keeps eating his poo. How can I make him stop this gross behaviour?


There’s only sure way I know of to prevent your dog from eating his own poo is to remove the poo from the ground before your dog has a chance to eat it.  You can of course discipline your dog to not eat the poo but negative reinforcement is out this season. The smell receptors […]

If I add human iron supplements to my fish tank, what will happen?


Adding an iron supplement to your fish tank will do a couple of good things.  The large algae (macro algae), probably the stuff you want in the tank, will be healthier and a deeper shade of green.  Iron is very important for the development of plants.  The other very beneficial thing is that the iron […]

How do you avoid algae build up in an aquarium?


Algae is the bane of many an aquarist. It grows. We remove it. It grows back, and then we remove it again. In spite of our tenuous relationship with the algae in our aquariums, we cannot escape the fact that without algae, none of us would be here! Photosynthetic algae and cyanobacteria produce the majority […]

Can any breed of dog be colored brindle?

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While is may be uncommon for some breeds of dog to be brindle in color, it is possible for any breed to be brindle.  Genetics can explain why a breed of dog that is not usually brindle may end up with that color. Brindle is a type of color pattern in which different colored sections of fur […]

My two year old hamster seems to be getting slower and slower, he is still friendly and eating, is he ok?


It is regrettable to let you know that there is not very much you can do for your hamster.  A hamster’s average life span is two to three years.  When they get older there are clear signs of old age, they’ll sleep a lot, they may eat less, and they will become physically slower.  If […]

Do cats see in color?


Since cats are such a typical pet, there have been many tests to determine exactly what cats see.  The results have varied, which leads many people to believe that cats are indeed color blind.  Another theory suggests that cats are not color blind, but rather that they don’t care about color, which is very possible.  […]

Are Ginger Tabby Cats Usually Male and is it True They Are Always Very Affectionate?


 It is indeed true that most ginger (orange) tabby cats are male, in fact the ratio of males to females is around 3:1. All cats have 19 pairs of chromosomes, and all 19 pairs are found in each and every cell in the cats body. In cats, just like in people, it is these chromosomes […]

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