Who is Wild Bill Hickok?


James Hickok, born in 1837, was a skilled shooter even as a child.  He left home and travelled west in 1855 working as a farmhand, hired gun, even a stagecoach driver.  During the civil war James ‘Wild Bill’ Hickok worked as a Union spy in Missouri.  In keeping with his fight for what was right […]

Why is Leann Rimes so skinny?


LeAnn Rimes is a popular musical artist.  Most people who reside North America choose to reward beauty before talent.  That certainly is not to say that LeAnn Rimes isn’t talented, just the opposite in fact, she was able to become a popular musician while not being as thin and attractive as some of the pop […]

Who is Magic Sam and how long was he in jail?


Magic Sam, a Woodstock performer, born near Grenada, Mississippi was originally named Samuel Maghett in 1937.  He was a successful Blues guitarist.  Not only did Sam become a proficient guitarist by the time he as 13, but he was even making his own instruments.  Sam moved to Chicago in 1950 and was soon playing professionally.  […]

I have asked this question several times, but here it goes again. I am looking for any factual information on Dr. Thomas Burton, Fort Kent Alberta and prior to him in 1756, the commune, its occupants and William Blake.


While I don’t remember this particular question being asked, I do remember a question about the Wendigo. Apparently William Blake was the leader of a commune of some kind around 1756.  A local farmer was killed by what seemed to be a bear and the folks of Fort Kent Alberta blamed the members of the commune.  […]

6 fascinating appearances of the Fibonacci numbers in nature

The Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci is widely regarded as the greatest European mathematician of the middle ages. Did you know that Fibonacci introduced the Hindu-Arabic numerals (the decimal system) to the Western world? This system replaced the inefficient and clumsy Roman numerals. 1202 was the year Fibonacci published Liber abaci, a book that revolutionized everything […]

I graduated in 1917 from the University of Illinois and became the first African American female analytical chemist to head a pathology laboratory.


Who is Eslanda Goode?   A slightly misleading question not just because of its Jeopardy format.  Eslanda Goode did graduate from the University of Illinois in 1917, but she also graduated from the University of Chicago in 1923, and it was after this graduation that she became the first African American analytical chemist at Columbia […]

Why is the term ‘Blood and Iron’ related to Otto von Bismarck?


In the summer of 1849 the Prussian government suggested to the rest of Germany that they enter a fresh union.  This unification would have been the end of Prussia, at least it would have been drastically changed, and not in the way Bismarck would have liked.  Otto von Bismarck was well aware of this and […]

What happened to Jimmy Hoffa?

Jimmy Hoffa

Jimmy Hoffa disappeared on July 30th 1975, and to this date he has not been found, nor has there been any word of what became of him.   It is presumed however that he is dead, most likely murdered.  Hoffa was a noted American labor leader, specifically with the Teamsters.  The Teamsters union has done much […]

Who is Jean Grenier?


Jean Grenier was a boy living in Gascony in south-west France.  In the early 1600′s a number of children disappeared, including a baby stolen from its cradle.  The people of the area blamed wolves for the disappearances.  One young girl managed to survive an attack from what she claimed was a wild beast.  Later the […]

People say one person can make a difference but how can that be true?


If one person decided to do something that no one else agreed with they would not be able to make a difference, and rightfully so.  Would you want every single person to be able to change the world at the drop of a hat?  It takes many people united together to make any kind of […]

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