Why is Leann Rimes so skinny?


LeAnn Rimes is a popular musical artist.  Most people who reside North America choose to reward beauty before talent.  That certainly is not to say that LeAnn Rimes isn’t talented, just the opposite in fact, she was able to become a popular musician while not being as thin and attractive as some of the pop […]

Who recorded the 1958 #1 hit “Lollipop”?


“Lollipop” is a popular song written by Julius Dixson and Beverly Ross in 1958 for the duoRonald & Ruby, which was covered most successfully by The Chordettes. Dixson’s name is sometimes spelled Dixon. The recording duo Ronald & Ruby comprised Ronald Gumps, who was black, and white songwriter Beverly Ross. The recording was originally for […]

Who was the first internationally famous trumpet soloist in American jazz?


Jazz is often described as ‘America’s Classical Music’.  In the 1920′s New Orleans produced a sound that was new to the world, jazz.  Although there have been many famous jazz musicians Louis Armstrong was the first to become internationally known.  Born in 1901 New Orleans Armstrong was sent to a reform school when he was […]

What is “Fiddler’s Green” in the Tragically Hip song of the same name?


Fiddler’s Green is fictional place where there is perpetual mirth, and a fiddle and dancers that never tire.  Its basis is from an old English legend claiming that an old man of the sea when contemplating retirement should walk inland with an oar over his shoulder until he reaches a community that asks what he’s […]

What is another name for Singers of Tales?


Many tales are put to song, from current day popular music, to medieval entertainment.  Chris de Burgh is a modern day musical artist that fits the term ‘Singer of Tales’, his album Spanish Train and Other Tales is a great example, mainly due to the word ‘tales’ being in the title. Medieval entertainers, called minstrels, would put […]

Do songwriters have to have musical training, how do you write a song and can one person write the lyrics while another the music?


Songwriters should know about music but they do not need any particular training. There are some who are not naturally good songwriters but have some training and are able to write songs and then there are those who have no training but have a natural music ability and are able to write songs fairly easily, […]

Who wrote Jingle Bell Rock and in what year?


Jingle Bell Rock was written by Bobby Helms in 1957.  Many have since rerecorded the song, but the Helms version is the more commonly known version. If you’re interested in the lyrics, here they are: Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock Jingle bells swing and jingle bells ring Snowing and blowing up bushels of fun […]

Where does the song ‘Believe it or not’ appear?


Many of us remember a show called ‘The Greatest American Hero’ in which a regular man finds an alien suit that gives him super powers.  Of course like anyone else would, he becomes a super hero, one that has difficulty flying, and even greater difficulty landing. The show had an equally popular theme song entitle […]

Is there a version of the old 50′s/60′s instrumental tune titled “Sleep Walk” that has words to it?


The song “Sleep Walk” was originally written by Santo and Johnny in the early 1950′s.  While it is considered their biggest hit it is completely instrumental.  In the mid eighties a version was released by the Supreme’s that included lyrics.  Interestingly the Supremes recorded the song in 1965. Here’s a link to the lyrics of […]

Who sang that christmas song where an Irish man and lady are slagging each other off?

A cartoon Santa Claus waves through a circle - 3D render.

You might think from the wording of this question that this song is only available in the UK, well that’s not the case.  I was able to find it in North America, and while I wouldn’t say that the two singers are slagging each other, I might say they are having an argument of some […]

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