My regular period lasts for 5 days, this month it only lasted 2 days can that mean I am pregnant?


While you can have your period while being pregnant, the fact that you’re having a shorter period is not necessarily an indication that you are pregnant.  You should certainly have a pregnancy test to find out for sure, but I wouldn’t jump to conclusions just yet as there are many other reasons your period may be […]

I’m on birth control pills and I’d like to know if I can skip my period for my vacation by skipping the sugar pills?


Birth control pills come in 21 pill sets and 28 days sets.  The two are identical, the extra 7 pills in the 28 pill set are sugar pills and only exist to act as a reminder as to when the next months set should be started.   So I’ll first mention is always ok to skip […]

My period just finished and I had sex but the condom broke…Can I get pregnant?


Yes you most certainly can get pregnant.  Sperm lives for a fairly long time and you could still have an egg kicking around even though you just finished your period.  One of the reasons condoms are only 99% safe is because they could break.  While your odds may be low on getting pregnant, it is […]

Can you get pregnant while on your period?


Sperm has the ability to live for quite a long time once it is inside the human body (upwards of five days).   While your body is not looking to get pregnant while you are on your period, the sperm may kick around long enough to get you pregnant anyway. So yes you can get pregnant […]

I’ve had worse cramps than ever before but pregnancy tests come back negative?


The first thing I’ll mention is that pregnancy tests are not always accurate, they are very accurate, but maybe you’re one of the few that had an inaccurate test, it does happen.  Wait a month and if you don’t get your period, get more tests done. If it turns out you’re not pregnant the severe […]

Why would my period be late?


Other than being pregnant there are a number of answers to your question.  You period may, or may not, have been consistent in the past, but that doesn’t mean it will be forever.  Chemical changes in the body can make predicting your period difficult, you may be able to count on it for years and […]

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