How can you tell if a number is a multiple of 6?


Check 3 and 2. If the number is divisible by both 3 and 2, it is divisible by 6 as well. Robert Rusher writes in:Another easy way to tell if a [multi-digit] number is divisible by six . . . is to look at its [ones digit]: if it is even, and the sum of […]

6 fascinating appearances of the Fibonacci numbers in nature

The Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci is widely regarded as the greatest European mathematician of the middle ages. Did you know that Fibonacci introduced the Hindu-Arabic numerals (the decimal system) to the Western world? This system replaced the inefficient and clumsy Roman numerals. 1202 was the year Fibonacci published Liber abaci, a book that revolutionized everything […]

What is a rule that relates an exterior angle to the remote interior angles of a triangle?


Interior angles and exterior angles are very simple to determine if you already have two of the three angles within a triangle.  The interior angles will all add up to 180 degrees.  So if you know two of the angles you’ll know the third, for example if you have a triangle in which you know […]

Why do we need the rules for order of operations (BEDMAS)?


BEDMAS is the order in which operations are preformed.  The order is in a nice easy to remember acronym, BEDMAS, or Bracket, Exponents, Division,Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction. It is not that we need BEDMAS in particular, it is more that we need universal rules that we can all go by.  If we didn’t have universal rules it would be quite difficult […]

If there are 36 numbers in a basket and you draw 6 numbers, what are the odds of a specific combination coming up?


This question would be classified as a finite question in mathematics.  The term finite comes from the fact that there is a finite amount of numbers in the set you’re working with.  In this example the numbers 1-36 are in the set. The first draw you make has 36 different possible outcomes, there are 36 […]

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