Are there any harmful butterflies to humans?


While most butterflies are not dangerous at all, unless one hits you in the face while you’re riding a bike very fast, there are some that can cause damage to a human.  Many insects have defense mechanisms; often they will release hairs that can cause general irritation.  Some spiders have the same defense mechanism, a […]

10 Insects & Annelids That Do More Good Than Harm.


All too often, us humans will readily judge a book by its cover. And sometimes, an insect by its number of legs, or relative “squirminess.” But we should know by now that such behavior has never been a good thing (unless you are talking about sharks or scorpions). Granted there are exceptions, where repulsion is […]

Do centipedes have a hundred legs?


Centipedes actually don’t have a hundred legs, well they can have a hundred legs, but they aren’t named centipedes because they have a hundred legs. Depending on the specific species, centipedes can have anywhere from fifteen pairs of legs to one hundred and seventy-three pairs of legs. There may be a centipede that is born […]

Can Insects Vomit?

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Technically I suppose anything can spew out in a gush, if you kick an anthill over they may vomit from it looking to defend their home; however, I suggest you mean the first definition. In order for an insect to vomit they must have both a mouth and a stomach, which they do have, at […]

Why do Mosquito Bites Make You Itchy?


When you are bitten by one of these irritating creatures, the females inject a protein which our bodies foolishly consider foreign.  Once your body recognizes these foreign proteins it sends histamines to kill the invader.  Those itchy places are the battle ground for this war.   Anti-histamines are taken to prevent the release of these histamines.   Histamines however, will […]

I have a bunch of fruit flies in my house, and NO fruit. How do I get rid of them?


An interesting question, the fruit flies are there, but there is no fruit, hmmmm.   Actually the name of these tiny pests is a bit misleading.  Yes they do love fruits and vegetables, but they will breed in other places.  All they need is some moist organic material, you can find that all over your house. […]

What does an earwig do to you? Can an earwig climb in your ear and damage it?


An earwig is a bug like any other bug, except this bug has giant pincers on its butt that can hurt you like an old lady pinching your check as hard as she can; it’s not painful enough to make you flee in terror, but it’s painful enough to cause you annoyance. An earwig will […]

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