Does the water in a bath or sink go a different way down the drain depending on which hemispere you are in?

Water spiraling down a drain

Yes the water will drain in different directions depending on which hemisphere you’re in.   Usually this question is asked about toilet flushing, but I guess it’s still fun to answer even though you’re more interested in baths and sinks draining. Water will drain in different directions depending on the hemisphere due to the Coriolis force, […]

How can I lower my center of gravity?


A centre of gravity is the point in an object in which all the weight is equally affected by gravity.  For example if you have a one foot squared piece of wood and you lift one end of it, you can only feel part of the weight of the wood, the other half is still resting […]

What is the balancing point on an athletes body called?


Even though we all have them, not just athletes, the answer to your question is ‘the center of gravity’. The lower your center of gravity is the better athlete you are most likely to be, that much is true.  Take a running back in football for example.  They are rarely the tallest member of the […]

What force is used by Bungee Jumpers?

Icarus - 127/365

There are a couple forces that come into play for Bungee Jumpers, so I’ll have to answer this question in parts. The first force is the force of gravity.  Gravity will cause the jumper to fall at a consistent rate from the jumping platform.  Gravity is the most obvious force involved. There is an opposing force due […]

Explain why objects with different masses fall at the same rate?


This question has an extensive answer, and one I might add that is not completely agreed upon.  Gravity is one of those things that we just do not have a full understanding of yet.  The common example of a bowling ball dropping at the same rate as a feather would not work if you just […]

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