What is the difference between Prime Minister and Premier?


A Prime Minister and a Premier are different political leader roles.  In Canada the Prime Minister is the leader of the country, to top dog, other than the Governor General, who is really just a figurehead these days.  A Premier in Canada is the leader of a province. There are three levels of government in […]

Can U.S. law enforcement come to Canada and arrest someone who was born and resides in Canada on a U.S. felony warrant?


I encourage you to speak to a lawyer. My understanding is that the United States would have to have the Canadian citizen (presumably the person is a citizen if born and residing in Canada) extradited to the United States in order to execute the warrant, which would likely be done at the border following the […]

What are minority rights?


The term minority rights can be defined in one of two ways: one they are normal individual rights as applied to members of racial, ethnic, religious or other minority groups, and two they are collective rights accorded to minority groups. Civil right activists fight to ensure that individuals get the same rights as the majority […]

Why does the federal bureaucracy expand?


There are many answers to this question.  Bureaucracies are always expanding, when was the last time you heard about significant layoffs in the government?  Not all of the reasons for expansion are good reasons, but they’re not all bad either. Sure corruption is a growing concern in almost every country in today’s world.  Adding significant staff to […]

What is a bureaucracy’s role in policy making?


A bureaucracy is an unelected branch in a democratic political system.  Its main function is to ensure the decision made by the government is implemented.  Quite often a bureaucracy consists of many individuals whom each have a particular job to accomplish.  Since there are so many people working on any given project things can become […]

In the Canadian Government, what is a vote of non-confidence?


In Canada, a vote of non-confidence is a vote to decide if the majority of members in the House of Commons still have confidence in the Canadian government’s ability to lead the nation.  When an election is held in Canada the people of each riding vote for their MP (Member of Parliament).  The party with the […]

What is the position of law in Tanzanian government?


The law in Tanzania has a storied past.  Tanzania’s law began with just traditional law. Islamic law was influential on the traditional law until Germany overlaid its Imperial law.  After World War I British law became the standard. Since then the law systems have been different in different areas. Islamic courts still exist even though in […]

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