Why are there no earthquakes deeper than 670 kilometers?


Earthquakes are movements of the Earth’s surface.  The lithosphere, or the Earth’s crust, is only about forty kilometers think.  The mantle is the next major layer and it is around twenty-five hundred kilometers thick.  Surly there is movement below the mantle and below six hundred and seventy kilometers; they’re just not considered earthquakes as they are […]

What starts plate motion?


The forces that cause plate movement never really stop.  The Earth is continually moving around, shifting its plates.  There are also a number of different reasons the plates move in the first place.  The most prominent one is the Earth’s convection currents.  The Earth’s core is a very hot place.  Its outer core consists of magma.  The […]

How are earthquakes caused in the interior of a rigid plate?


The Earth’s lithosphere (the upper most part of the planet) is made up of rigid plates.  These plates are under constant pressure from the elements below the surface.  The Earth cycles materials from its outer core to its surface, volcanoes are a common spot for the molten rock from the outer core to spew out […]

How would the Earth’s core cooling impact volcanoes, earthquakes, distribution of continents and would Pangaea still be one continent?


The Earth’s core is not as plain as people tend to think it is.  For one there are actually two cores, and outer and an inner.  This was determined in 1936 by a Danish scientist named Inge Lehmann. The inner core is solid, perhaps because the intense pressure doesn’t allow the material to turn into […]

How Can We Predict Earthquakes?


Earthquake prediction has historically been as accurate as a Nostradamus, yes we have been able to predict them successfully, but most of the time we’re way off.  Scientists today accept that we are not yet able to accurately predict earthquakes.  We can’t predict strength, time or place successfully, so they instead calculate the seismic hazards of a […]

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