I read on your website why chocolate is bad for dogs, why are grapes bad for doggies?


Veterinary toxicologists at the Animal Poison Control Center are currently investigating cases where dogs have developed kidney failure after ingestion of large quantities of grapes and raisins. The veterinary toxicologists are attempting to determine the causative agents or disease processes. Pet owners whose dogs have ingested large quantities of grapes or raisins, or veterinarians managing […]

Why do dogs howl?


Many people believe that dogs howl due to sound hurting their ears.  This is not true.  Dogs howl as a pack-response to another ‘howl’.  This other ‘howl’ could be your finest singing, some music playing on the radio or even a police siren.  This pack instinct, to howl dates back to their wolf ancestors.  Wolves […]

Can any breed of dog be colored brindle?

Image source: wikipedia.org

While is may be uncommon for some breeds of dog to be brindle in color, it is possible for any breed to be brindle.  Genetics can explain why a breed of dog that is not usually brindle may end up with that color. Brindle is a type of color pattern in which different colored sections of fur […]

Why is Chocolate Bad for Dogs


Unfortunately for dogs chocolate tastes really, really good, but chocolate is not really poisonous, not like cyanide.  That doesn’t change the fact that it can kill your dog.   It is theobromine that is harmful to dogs, if you can find chocolate without it you’ll have the happiest dog in town.  Theobromine is a stimulant found […]

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