What did the Romans of the 1st Century do to Christians?


The best way I can answer your question is to tell you a little bit about Nero.  Nero only ruled from 54 to 68, but those years were the worst for Christians in the 1st Century.  It was not until 313 that Constantine the Great declared Christianity fully legal and legit. Nero was considered and […]

Is there anyone who could use old Christmas cards for crafts or any other use? They seem too nice to just throw out.


There are many charitable organizations that would probably love to have old Christmas cards to use.   Organizations such as the Salvation Army, or charitable camp organizers could use all the help they can get.  Children’s camps are probably the best place, although there are some resource centers in inner cities that organize craft making for […]

Who wrote Jingle Bell Rock and in what year?


Jingle Bell Rock was written by Bobby Helms in 1957.  Many have since rerecorded the song, but the Helms version is the more commonly known version. If you’re interested in the lyrics, here they are: Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock Jingle bells swing and jingle bells ring Snowing and blowing up bushels of fun […]

In which countries is Christmas Day an official holiday?


Here is a list of countries that recognize Christmas Day as a public holiday: Albania Australia Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Canada Chile Cyprus Denmark Egypt (Jan 7th) Finland France Germany Greece Gibraltar (Dec 26th) India Ireland Italy Latvia Luxembourg Malaysia Mexico The Netherlands New Zealand Poland Portugal Romania Russia (Jan 7th) Singapore South Africa South Korea […]

Why do we decorate and put up Christmas Trees for Christmas?


t all began back in the 7th Century.  A monk named St. Boniface traveled to Germany from Devonshire to teach the word of God.  I guess he either lost or forgot to bring the proper tools to teach with because he used a fir tree to describe the Holy Trinity.  There are three parts of […]

Who sang that christmas song where an Irish man and lady are slagging each other off?

A cartoon Santa Claus waves through a circle - 3D render.

You might think from the wording of this question that this song is only available in the UK, well that’s not the case.  I was able to find it in North America, and while I wouldn’t say that the two singers are slagging each other, I might say they are having an argument of some […]

What are the Names of the 12 Christmas Reindeer?


Actually, Santa only uses 9 reindeer to pull his magical sleigh through the air on Christmas Eve, delivering toys to all the girls and boys. Their names are: Dasher Dancer Prancer Vixen Comet Cupid Donner Blitzen Ruldolph Of course, Ruldolph is always at the front of the pack, lighting up the night with his shiny […]

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