I’m on birth control pills and I’d like to know if I can skip my period for my vacation by skipping the sugar pills?


Birth control pills come in 21 pill sets and 28 days sets.  The two are identical, the extra 7 pills in the 28 pill set are sugar pills and only exist to act as a reminder as to when the next months set should be started.   So I’ll first mention is always ok to skip […]

I just switched birth control pills, am I still protected?

birth control

  When women begin taking birth control pills it takes at least thirty days to begin working, but you should probably give it sixty days, just to be safe.   If you switch pill brands you should consult your doctor on the specific pills you’re using and how their combination works.  If the two are […]

I am 17 yrs old and I want to take the contraceptive injection to prevent teen pregnancy but do I have to bring my mom with me or can I go on my own?


The first step you should take is go see your doctor and find out what they think of you getting the contraceptive injection.  You doctor may be able to give you the shot right there, or your doctor may advise you to not get it at all. While the injection may seem to be an […]

Why would my period be late?


Other than being pregnant there are a number of answers to your question.  You period may, or may not, have been consistent in the past, but that doesn’t mean it will be forever.  Chemical changes in the body can make predicting your period difficult, you may be able to count on it for years and […]

What are the side effects of the morning after pill?


The answer to this question will vary depending on the woman taking the pill.  Other medications, how regular the menstrual cycle is normally are only a couple of factors.  When you take the morning after pill the best thing to remember is to expect anything. The morning after pill is really just an extra strong […]

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