Why are camels used to travel through the desert?


Contrary to popular belief camels do not store water in their humps, although they do something close. They store fatty tissue in their humps, and this can be used as a source of energy, as well as a source of water. The fat in their humps reacts with oxygen to produce water, about 1111g of […]

What is an enzyme?


An enzyme is a type of protein.  It exists within all biological cells.  Its job is to speed up chemical reactions.  Most chemical reactions are slow, too slow to enable us to keep on living.  Enzymes also cut down on the potential for error in various chemical reactions within the body.  These errors could cause […]

What remains the same on the human body from birth till death?


You probably want me to say ‘your eyes’, but that is a myth that the human eye is the same size from birth to death. Physically nothing remains the same on the human body till death.  Every single atom in your body will die or leave you if you live for another ten to fifteen […]

When testing for avian flu in people, PCR tests and viral antigen tests only determine the existence of avian influenza. How do they determine the subtype?

sick Chicken

The avian flu subtype that is of most significance is H5N1.  This subtype is known to cause the dangerous (or pathogenic) form of the disease.  While the H5N1 subtype is not always in a highly pathogenic form, it will mutate into it.  There are a total of twenty-five subtypes, sixteen H subtypes and nine N subtypesin the avian flu.  The H and […]

What do we call the passing of traits from parent to child?


The term used to describe the transfer of traits from parent to child is heredity.  Our genes come from our parents so it is only natural to assume that we will be like our parents.  A little bit like our mothers, and a little bit like our fathers, there’s probably a bit of you in […]

How Long Does a Human Head Hair Grow in One Month?


Your head hair will grow about half an inch per month, or 1.25 centimeters.  There will be some people that have slower or faster growing hair but most people’s hair grows around half an inch a month. I’ve heard of many ways to increase that rate, but I’m not sure if any of them are […]

I have a bunch of fruit flies in my house, and NO fruit. How do I get rid of them?


An interesting question, the fruit flies are there, but there is no fruit, hmmmm.   Actually the name of these tiny pests is a bit misleading.  Yes they do love fruits and vegetables, but they will breed in other places.  All they need is some moist organic material, you can find that all over your house. […]

Is it Harmful to Hold My Pee in For a Long Time?


Yes it can be potentially harmful to hold your pee in for a long time.  First and foremost because it hurts to hold it in.  At first it’s ok, but after a while it really starts to be uncomfortable. It can also unfortunately lead to urinary tract infections.  There is much bacteria in your body, […]

Are Ginger Tabby Cats Usually Male and is it True They Are Always Very Affectionate?


 It is indeed true that most ginger (orange) tabby cats are male, in fact the ratio of males to females is around 3:1. All cats have 19 pairs of chromosomes, and all 19 pairs are found in each and every cell in the cats body. In cats, just like in people, it is these chromosomes […]

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