What country is Grey Goose vodka manufactured?


Grey Goose Vodka, is made in the Cognac region of western France.  As of the date this was written, Grey Goose was available in 4 flavors, orange, lemon, vanilla and original, or should I say L’Orange, Le Citron, La Vanille, and L’Original.  All of the flavors are made with French spring water originating from the Massif Central Mountains.  They toot […]

If I leave a bottle of wine in a hot car for a day, will it spoil?


Good question, it’s easy to forget a bottle of wine in a hot car for an hour and that’s all it takes to completely spoil a bottle of wine.  Specific durations vary depending on just how hot it is in your car, the answer I gave assumes the car is 45 degrees Celsius.  Wine ages […]

How do I Cure a Hangover?


Once you have a hangover there is little you can do to cure it, other than sleep it off.   Drink as much water as you can, because a main reason for the hangover is dehydration.  Prevention is the key to curing a hangover; get it before it gets you.  To prevent a hangover, once again, […]

How do you prevent the alcohol in miniature liquor bottles from evaporating?


There are a couple ways to ensure evaporation does not occur.  These tips will work on any liquid, although we might not care as much about other liquids evaporating.  Primarily, evaporation is accelerated the hotter the area is.   If you wish to store a liquid, leaving it in a cool dark place will do quite […]

Why Do I Get Hangovers When I Drink?


Hangovers are generally associated with a headache, or an upset stomach or both.  Headaches and stomachaches may both be form a hangover but you have them for different reasons; hence why you may have one or the other.  The headaches occur because your liver requires a great deal of water to process the alcohol.  You […]

How is Beer Made?


Interestingly enough most beers are made out of the same few ingredients.  The manner in which they are made dictates what the beer will taste like, from dark ales to light beers.  Water, yeast, malt and hops are the main four ingredients, but rice, other cereals are also needed, even some fruits have been added […]

Why Does Gin Make You Cry?


Gin in particular does not make people cry.  To the best of my knowledge it does not contain chemicals that cause tear ducts to begin they’re dutiful work of lubricating the eyeball.  Nor does drinking gin cause pain that would result in tears, at least not for most of us.  Some people claim it makes […]

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