Should we be wary of fragrance in products we use?

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Today most fragrances are not made from natural substances.  They are infact made up from synthetic chemicals.  There can be up to as many as 100 chemicals in a single fragrance.  In 1989, the US National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health evaluated 2,983 fragrance chemicals for health effects.  At that time they identified 884 of those to be toxic substances.  The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) found that 100% of perfumes contain toluene, which is a toxic volatile organic compound.  There is a proposed government regulation which would require “complete” ingredients listing on cosmetic labels however, the manufacturers will be allowed to state “fragrance” or “masking agent” as an ingredient.  Fragrances, which are a ‘trade secret’ are EXEMPT from disclosure.

Just to give some idea of your exposure to these toxic substances, the average North American uses between 17 to 21 scented ‘fragrance’ products per day.  Which in turn exposes  you to variety of  chemical concoctions with many unknown health effects.  So give those numbers some thought tomorrow when you get up and shower with your floral fragrance soap, shampoo with that lovely new herbal fragrance shampoo and put on your ‘spring fresh’  fragrant deodorant and that’s only the start of your day!
Some companies who use natural fragrances and not synthetic ones are:
  • Aubrey Organics
  • Burt’s Bees
  • Dr. Bronner
  • Ecco Bella
  • Jason
  • Kiss My Face
  • Nature’s Gate

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