Is There a Difference Between Distilled Water and Demineralized Water?

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Distilled water is water that has been boiled off and recollected from steam.  The result of this process is that the water is stripped of all its impurities.  These impurities are minerals that were dissolved in the water.

Since distilled water is demineralized, there is often confused between what distilled water is and what demineralized water is.

Demineralized water is a more general term referring to all water that has been stripped of its minerals.  Distillation is just one method; other methods are deionization, membrane filtration, and electro dialysis.

There is also a debate over whether or not drinking demineralized water is good, bad, or neutral for a person. The idea that it’s bad seems to be winning.  The minerals in water are good for is, we user various minerals in our bodies for various things.  Iron for example brings oxygen to the various parts of our body through our blood.

Water commonly contains calcium and magnesium, both of which help build strong bones and teeth.   A person who lacks one or both of these minerals may also have a higher risk of cancer.

Of course water is not our main source for these minerals, calcium is high in many dairy products and magnesium present in many grains, vegetables and meats.   So what’s the big deal with having water that doesn’t have these minerals if we can get them from so many other sources?  Since the water is lacking in minerals it is ready to absorb potentially harmful toxins.

Drinking demineralized water occasionally is good to detoxify, drinking demineralized water consistently is where the danger arises.  Long term drinking of demineralized water will strip your body of its electrolytes, which your heart, nerves and muscles require.

The greatest long-term risk comes from the high acidity of demineralized water.  The water will absorb carbon dioxide from the air, making it more acidic, the more you drink the higher your acid levels become, that’s bad.

Most things in moderation is fine for you so there is no need to drastically change your diet, just don’t go out of your way to drink demineralized water.

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