Is it Harmful to Hold My Pee in For a Long Time?

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Yes it can be potentially harmful to hold your pee in for a long time.  First and foremost because it hurts to hold it in.  At first it’s ok, but after a while it really starts to be uncomfortable.

It can also unfortunately lead to urinary tract infections.  There is much bacteria in your body, some of it is needed to do certain things efficiently, such as absorb food in the intestines.  These helpful bacteria do not cause damage if they are in the part of your body that they belong to, but if they get to other places they can create some ill effects.

Holding your urine in can lead to a urinary tract infection because of a build up of bacteria.   While your stomach can handle lots of bacteria your urinary track and kidneys cannot.

Aside form urinary tract infections you can cause damage to the muscles that work when you’re holding your pee in.  This concept is the same as hurting a leg muscle while running.  The difference is that in one case you can’t run fro a while, the other is you can’t hold your pee in for a while, so don’t hold your pee in.

Remember to drink lots of water, if it’s yellow you’re not drinking enough yet.

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