Is a beach a good place to mine sand for construction?

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Sand mines have historically been done on beaches; however, sand mining threatens some beaches today.  Coast lines such as Tobago do not have a naturally occurring sand deposits, and the mining of their beaches can lead to their extinction.

Sand can be used for quite a number of things: glass, sand to use on railways tracks to prevent slipping in icy conditions, and fiberglass.  It’s most common use is in foundations.  In foundation building sand is used to make molds used to shape metal for various tools, as well as filler for spaces where metal is not needed.  Sand is useful for three major reasons, it can withstand heat (for the molding of metal) and pressures that metal cannot.    Sand also allows gases to escape though it, which can help prevent build up and multiple unwanted results of this build up.

A beach is certainly the place with the most abundant supply of sand, however, if over mined the beaches can lose their appeal to potential tourists.  Alternate sources do exists but due to the high costs of mining those areas a beach is the preferred mining spot.  Crushing rocks to the size of sand is one alternative method, or sand can be mined from the bottom of the sea.  You can see why beaches are preferred.

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