If someone is blind from birth, can they still see images in their dreams?

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Visual stimulus is necessary for the wiring of the brain centers that process and interpret vision. The way the brain works is to develop, early in life, a huge number of neural synapses (connection points between neurons that are used in cell-to-cell signalling). As you grow and learn, these synapses are pared away to make the brain function efficiently, and that’s the central basis of long-term learning. However, if the brain or any part of it fails to get infromation from hard-wired inputs, then that part of the brain will atrophy (at best, fringe areas of a cortical region might be adopted by adjacent cortical regions for different processes). But the take-away message here is that the brain needs visual stimulus in order to devolp the cortical regions that process vision. In the use-it-or-lose-it sense, the brain will not waste energy building and maintaining processes that aren’t used. The optical cortex would never know how to function as an optical cortex in a person born blind.

Maybe not maybe yes. Science can explain why people dream in term of phyical and anatomical aspects of human beings. Otherwise, they cannot explain the the behaviors that they could not understand. Sometimes dreaming takes a lot of phenomenons that the dreamer himself could not understand. Anyway, his dreams would be something that he alone can unedrstand. That is, he understands only things that his remaining senses felt.

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