I love to have sex with women but not be in a relationship with them and I’m gay is that bad?

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That’s understandable. Women are soft, senuous and beautiful. Nothing wrong with being bisexual.

I have friends who are bisexual. What if you end up wanting to marry a gay man, and you are in a committed relationship. I dont know. Will he appreciate the fact that you like to have sex with women. You may still want to when your with a male. I think its a personal preference. No its not bad. This is your lifestyle, and your choice of how you choose to live it. You may have to give up the sex with women eventually. What happens if a women develops feelings for you, and it goes beyond sexual.

Do you tell them straight up that your gay? Maybe you could try having a relationship with a women, and remain monogomous and see how it goes to find out what your ove


r all preference is. If you really are gay making love a woman would make you ill literally because males is what you prefer.  You wouldn’t be able to stand making love to one. If you’re bi you could do both!

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