How Long Have Humans Been on the Earth?

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The oldest human fossil found (named Lucy and found in Ethiopia) has been back dated to between 3 and 3.6 million years ago.   Lucy was not a Homo Sapien, but we do know that she was a hominid, she walked upright.  Chances are our species are direct desendants of Lucy’s species.

If you want to get specific, the first Homo Sapien walked the Earth around 200,000 years ago, but no one is really quite sure about that.  The reason being that it is difficult to find fossils.  The earliest Homo Sapien found to date is 200,000 years old but that’s not to say a Homo Sapien could be found that dates back 400,000 years or longer!

Some will even claim that Homo Sapiens have only been on the Earth for about 100,000 years.  If that’s the case it is trtuly remarkable how far we have come in such a short time, well I guess if we’ve been here 200,000 years that’s remarkable too.  After all Dinosaurs were on the Earth for 250 million years, and what did they get done?

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