How long does minced garlic keep in the refrigerator?

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You could take a clove of garlic and mince it yourself; this type of minced garlic will not last very long.  Garlic cloves will last for a few weeks in the refrigerator, but that’s because the outside layers will protect the inside layers from exposure to the air.  Once the garlic is mined it’s all exposed to the air at once, it will not last nearly as long.

You can also buy dehydrated minced garlic, this looks similar to a spice, and it will last a very long time, a number of years most likely.  I’m going to assume you aren’t referring to this type of minced garlic however since refrigeration is not necessary for dehydrated products.

The last type of minced garlic is a non-dehydrated type that comes in a jar.  This minced garlic can last for years before it is opened.   Once it is opened it must be refrigerated, although if you do put it in the fridge it will last quite a long time.  To be safe I would not use jarred mined garlic is it was more than two years old, but realistically it may last even longer than that.

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