How hard does a professional boxer punch?

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A professional boxer can punch with over 1300 lbs of force.  While professional boxers do punch hard, it is not the hardness of their hits that does the most damage, it’s the technique.  Yes boxers can typically punch harder than most people, but anyone who is strong can punch hard, but they won’t do the damage a professional boxer will.  A pro knows how and where to punch, that’s the key to success in the ring.

Here are a few techniques that boxers learn to be a more efficient fighter.

  1. Don’t lean to one side, keep your body perpendicular to the ground
  2. Curl your fingers up into the fist, place your thumb over your fingers and remember to keep your fingers lined up evenly, you want the impact to be spread out over your entire fist, not just one finger.
  3. Keep your shoulders relaxed and even.
  4. Tense your abdominal muscles properly.
  5. Keep your stance strong and stable
  6. Pivot your hips with your punch, most of your power comes from the weight of your body, not just your arm strength.
  7. Follow through with your punch as if you’re punching through your opponent.

These are just some of the techniques boxers use, even professionals are still learning.  There are all sorts of different punches, each one will have their own techniques.

As to whether of not a boxer can hurt a common person, I think the obvious answer is yes but if you need more proof.

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