How Do I Bleach Leather?

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There are a couple of chemicals you can use to bleach leather, oxalic acid will work but there are leather bleachers you can purchase that will probably to a better job.  There will at least less risk to the leather and to you.  Remember that no matter which chemical you decide to use you should wear rubber gloves when dealing with bleaching products.  Here’s the process to do it yourself.

Clean the leather well.   Store bought leather bleach will have instructions but if not it should be about one ounce of the bleach to a pint of water.  If you’re using oxalic acid about one teaspoon in a pint of water should be fine.  If you don’t have a pint measuring cup, a pint is one standard beer glass, don’t use your favorite one to mix the bleach!  You’ll need a soft bristled brush of a wool dauber to apply the bleach.

If you’re going to be painting the leather make sure you use acrylic paint.  You’ll need to add water to the paint at first, how much will depend on how well the leather is absorbing the paint.  After a couple coats you can switch to undiluted paint.  It’s also a good idea to flex the leather as it’s drying to prevent the paint from cracking.

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