How Do Children Learn a Second Language?

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The best way to teach your child a second language is to speak the language around them.  The more exposure they have to it the more they will learn.  It is a misconception that learning two languages simultaneously will confuse the child.  They may at first switch back and forth from one language to the next, but that is a perfectly normal, all they are doing is using both languages to convey what they want to express.

Here are some helpful tips that I will answer your question:

  • Encourage your children to learn the second language, praise them and help them as much as possible, the more positive experience it is, the more easier it will be for them.
  • Expose them to both languages and give the child opportunities to use each one, practice makes perfect!
  • Lessons are not the most effective way to teach a child a second language, use the second language in real life situations, if there is little opportunity for that, make some up, role play with the child, or when you teach them something new, do it in the second language.

If the child is learning the second language through the school system and has no opportunity to use the second language it will be much tougher for them to master the language.  Try learning the language with your child, that will give them more opportunity to use it, and they’ll be more receptive.

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