What Will You Learn Today?

Askipedia is a web site devoted to answering questions.  Everyone has questions it doesn’t matter how smart you are or how much experience you have, there are always questions.  We want to answer those questions.  Visitors to the site are able to browse through questions already asked and answered and if they don’t find the answer to their particular question, they are encouraged to ask it!  We do not charge for questions, we do not require a signup page, we just want to answer your question.  Our team of experts spread out around the globe, literally work around the clock to answer the questions submitted to us.

Why do we do it?

Askipedia was originally thought up as a quest for knowledge, random pieces of knowledge submitted by visitors in the form of questions, but not just any knowledge.  We want to provide the exact information that you are looking for.  Whether a visitor asks about scientific theories, the name of a song they once heard in high school, or how they can become better poker players, we want to answer your questions.

How do we do it?

Questions are submitted everyday.  Our experts login whenever they want and browse through the questions.  When they find one they know they select it, answer it and submit it for approval.  If accepted it is posted to the site and is available for anyone to see.  Many visitors have a question that has already been answered and they can search our database from the main page.  If they have a question that hasn’t been answered they are free to submit it and check back for the answer.


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Some of our favourite things:

At Askipedia, we love to live, learn, and play.

Sometimes our quest for knowledge leads us to some interesting books, gadgets, and or a world of cool things. This is a place we share them with our readers.